Prisons and Police during COVID-19 – Twitter Curation

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In April, 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, led to shutdown in India, we hosted two tweet chats to discuss the precarious situation in prisons and police’s management of the situation. We invited people to lead a discussion on the topics.


For this chat, we invited human rights researchers and lawyers: Madhurima Dhanuka, Prison Reforms Programme Head, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (@mdhanuka); Jeevika Shiv, Associate Director of the Fair Trials Initiative, Project 39A (@jeevika_shiv); Ajay Verma, lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, convenor of the National Forum for Prison Reform and India Country Manager at International Bridges for Justice; Criminal Justice and Accountability Project (@CPAProjectIndia), lawyers and researchers based in Bhopal

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For this chat, we invited activists, researchers and lawyers: Avinash Kumar, Executive Director at Amnesty International India (@avinash_1_kumar); Suroor Mander, Social Activist and Lawyer based in Delhi (@suroorm); Kawalpreet Kaur, Student Activist and Law Graduate from Delhi (@kawalpreetdu); Nitika Khaitan, Lawyer based in Delhi and member of People’s Union for Democratic Rights (@nitikakhaitan); Devyani Srivastava, Lawyer and Senior Officer, Police Reforms Programme, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (@dsrivastava84); Maja Daruwala, Senior Advisor at Tata Trusts to Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (@majadhun)

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