Anti-Terror Laws in India – Twitter Curation

Day 1: History of Anti-Terror Laws before UAPA

Day 2: Developments post the 16th Amendment to the Constitution

Day 3: Post-2004 Amendments to UAPA

Day 4:

Day 5: UAPA and wide discretionary powers under the law

Day 6: UAPA and exceptions to procedural safeguards denying Fundamental Rights

Day 7: On the need to repeal laws like UAPA

Day 8: UAPA and international human rights standards

On Day 8 we were joined by Mrinal (, Policy Adviser, Amnesty International India to discuss how UAPA fails to measure up to international human rights obligations.

Day 9: UAPA and cinema!

Day 9 curation was done by Advocate Sarim ( who used instances of violence in movies to show how absurd and unfair the definition of “terrorism” is under UAPA is in reality.

Day 10: Grassroots activists working to #RepealUAPA

On the final day of the curation we were joined by Meera ( who shared the work of many individuals and collectives who are working to demand the repeal of UAPA. #RepealUAPA

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